Discorso ▹ Talk ▹ Intervention – Museo d’Arte Orientale Genova Italia

une feuille de papier de riz en plus à mon art

un foglio di carta di riso aggiunge un altro corda alla mia arte ▹ one rice paper sheet adds one more string to my art


Sulla mia scoperta della cultura asiatica e quello che ho imparato ▹ Sur ma découverte de la culture asiatique et ce que j’en ai appris  ▹ On my discovery of Asian Culture and what I have learn from it.

Museo d’arte orientale Edoardo Chiossone – Villetta Dinegro – Piazzale Mazzini, 4 – Genova – italia 

Domenica 21 giugno 2015 ore 18 – Dimanche 21 juin 2015, 18 heures – Sunday June 21, 2015

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My talk and my poster creation are part of my collaboration to the ‘ GIORNATA EUROPEA DELLA MUSICA‘, [European Day For The Music], with the musicians  Daniele Lombardi, clarinetto ▹ Fiorenza Bucciarelli – Silvia Gianuzzi, duo pianistico.

rvfoit15-MuseoAsiaConcert86 rvfoit15-MuseoAsiaConcert557rvfoit15-MuseoAsiaConcert747Programma : Johann Strauss jr. – Jean Michael Maury – Kees Schoonenbeek – Roberto Cognazzo – Pietro Abbà-Cornaglia – Igor Stravinsky – Samuel Barber – Charles Gounod



rvfoit15-MuseoAsiaGenova416 rvfoit15-MuseoAsiaGenova359 rvfoit15-MuseoAsiaGenova422 rvfoit15-MuseoAsiaGenova420 rvfoit15-MuseoAsiaGenova433 rvfoit15-MuseoAsiaGenova579 rvfoit15-MuseoAsiaGenova487 rvfoit15-MuseoAsiaGenova511



original linoleum cut > linogravure originale > linóleo grabado original > incisione originale > Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2015RVrlogo2

esposizione di incisioni ▹ exposition de linogravures ▹ exhibition of linoleum cuts ▹ Torino ▹ Italia

le cirque de mon insoucience c’est rompu

il circo della mia spensieratezza è infranto ▹ the circus of my boyish inconciance got broken



Biblioteca civica musicale , “Andrea Della Corte”, Corso Francia, 18, Torino – Italia 

mostra ▹ exposition ▹ exhibition 

2 gingno – 31 augusto ▻2 juin – 31 août ▻June 2 – August 31 ▻ 2015

vernissage ▹ opening  ▹ Concert 

Martedì 16 giugno 2015 – ore 16,30  > Mardi 16 juin, 2015, 16h30 > Tuesday, June 16,  2015 at 4:30 pm


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more to view […]


more to view […]

presentazione ▹Vernissage ▹ opening

rvfoit15-TesoriaConcert04 rvfoit15-TesoriaConcert06 rvfoit15-TesoriaConcert16 rvfoit15-TesoriaConcert15 rvfoit15-TesoriaConcert15b rvfoit15-TesoriaConcert21b rvfoit15-TesoriaConcert77 rvfoit15-TesoriaConcert24 rvfoit15-TesoriaConcert48 rvfoit15-TesoriaConcert05 rvfoit15-TesoriaConcert17 rvfoit15-TesoriaConcert11 rvfoit15-TesoriaConcert21 rvfoit15-TesoriaConcert22 rvfoit15-TesoriaConcert20



Daniele Lombardi, clarinetto ▹ Fiorenza Bucciarelli – Silvia Gianuzzi, duo pianistico ▹ Intervento di Ermanno Luzzani

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“Spalancai i due battenti del mio balcone…Un gigantesco ombrello bianco era caduto dal cielo. Ricopriva l’intera piazza…Già dalla soglia cominciava un altro mondo, un mondo senza frontiere vasto quanto l’immaginazione.”  Federico Fellini

Biblioteca civica musicale TORINO


rvfoit15-TesoriaConcert955rvfomilano15-tresoriaexpo153rvfomilano15-tresoriaexpo002 rvfoit15-TesoriaConcert957rvfomilano15-tresoriaexpo134 rvfoit15-TesoriaConcert851 rvfomilano15-tresoriaexpo161 rvfomilano15-tresoriaexpo179 rvfomilano15-tresoriaexpo190


original linoleum cut > linogravure originale > linóleo grabado original > incisione originale > Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2015RVrlogo2

French Heritage Language Program > T-shirt Design

10th Year Anniversary, 2005 – 20015 > International Network For Public Schools – Cultural Service of the French EmbassyFACE Fondation.

10ème anniversaire, 2005-20015 > Réseau international pour les écoles publiques – Service culturel de l’Ambassade de France aux Etats Unis

Statue of liberty T-shirt 10th Year Anniversary
Statue of liberty T-shirt 10th Year Anniversary

Statue of liberty poster - Rock the Statue Green
Statue of liberty poster – Rock the Statue Green

French Heritage Annoncement page
French Heritage Annoncement page

In 2005, the French Heritage Language Program launched its first French class at Manhattan International High School, with one ambition in mind: to help Francophone immigrants continue learning their language and make the best of their French in the United States. 10 years later, the program has grown to serve 10 public schools and 1 community center in New York City, and expanded its outreach to 11 other schools and community centers in Florida, Maine and Massachusetts. More than 4,000 students have already benefitted from our support from elementary to high school levels!

Fête de fin d’année FHLP, spéciale 10 ans!

To celebrate this 10th Anniversary, we are organizing a special end-of-year event with all of our students and partners onFriday 12 June at Manhattan International High School, 317 E 67th St, New York, NY, 10065, 4:00-6.30pm. This celebration will showcase some of our students’ best performances including poetry, dance, songs, theater, the musical Amidou & Toya, and FHLP Awards 2015, with delicious African food and much more!

Benoit le Dévédec  coordonnateur du programme  – coordinator of the Program

View other project  for the French Heritage Language Program […]


original linoleum cut, linogravure originale, linóleo grabado original incisione originale  > Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2015

Inaugurazione – Vernissage – Opening > incisoni – linogravures – linocuts

Giugno Giochi di Bambini > mostra invito.
Jeux d’enfants > linogravures> invitation
Kids paying > linocuts> invitation

7 giugno 2015, ora  17 > 7 juin 2015, 17 h > June 7, 2015, 5:00 pm

rvexpo-gambarina79rvexpo-gambarina695rvexpo-gambarina83rvexpo-gambarina681 rvexpo-gambarina671 rvexpo-gambarina692 rvexpo-gambarina683 rvexpo-gambarina707 rvexpo-gambarina757 rvexpo-gambarina675 rvfoit15-gambarina661brvfoit15-Milanprintmakers1rvexpo-gambarina706 rvexpo-gambarina700 rvexpo-gambarina704 rvexpo-gambarina20 rvfoit15-gambarina710rvexpo-gambarina663

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Museo Etnografico ” C’era una volta” > Piazza Gambarina, Alessandria, Italia. Mosta dal 1 al 30 giugno 2015 > Exposition du 1-30 juin, 2015 > Exhibition,  June 1- 30, 2015


rvlino08-Giochidibamb03bVIEW MORE the series of LINOCUTS of kids playing in the park in New York […]

I cannot imagine better space than the Museo Etnografico ” C’era una volta” of Alessandria, Italy to host this serie. This museum carries a true spirit of the everyday human and family life, escaping any sense of industrialization , simple yet ingenoiuos objects made by the people for the people…

Mostra Museo Etnografico, tav.910

Windows to the Past

The ethnographic museum “Once upon a Time”, set up in the handsome spaces of the restored Gambarina in Alessandria, aims at keeping alive the specificity aquired in many years of activity developed in the homonymous museum in Valle San Bartolomeo [ a near by village]: on one side to keep and hand on customs and traditions of the folk, on the other side to organise temporary exhibitions and varrious initiatives to increase public opinion’s interest in this vast and little known cultural richness. [ Excerpt from the introduction of the Ethnolographic Museum.]

RVrlogo2original linoleum cut > linogravure originale > linóleo grabado original > incisione originale > Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2008

Incontro > Comunicare con il segno > Palazzo Gozzani Treville

Casale Monferrato, sabato 30 Maggio,2015, alle ore 17,15 è rivolto più  rasversalmente alla popolazione ed è organizzato in sinergia con “Le Cafè pour parler”, presso il Palazzo Gozzani Treville. L’argomento della conversazione è: “comunicare con il segno”.


Meeting with artists and patrons of the arts. The topic of conversation is “Communicating With the Sign.” I presents my original linoleum cuts as well as the news papers tare sheets’ my work has been published on. Palazzo Gozzani Treville, Casale Monferrato, Italy, Saturday May 30 ,2015,  5:15 pm.


My talk presented samples of the more ‘traumatic’ part of my work , commissionned by the newspapers such as the New York Times and Harper’s Magazine…, relating to the most destructive aspect of our human activities. In contrast, the overall Palazzio concept remains the opposit of this. Its surprising elaborate craftsmanship , [regardless personal taste], it is absolutely undeniable . This fact alone, testimony of the astonishing richness, complexity and refinment of the Italian culture,  invits us to reflect on our urgent need to balance our behavior for the surch of a different way of living, of relating to one an other and the environment. The “ARTS” , if its definition could lead us toward balancing our lives, could invite us to learn how to listen and to observe. And even so it may not be the absolut answer, at this age of ‘speed’,  it certainly will NOT hurt us!

rvfoit15-Academiafilarno633rvfoit15-Academiafilarno676clrvfoit15-Academiafilarno678rvfoit15-Academiafilarno673rvfoit15-Academiafilarno675col rvfoit15-Academiafilarno672 rvfoit15-Academiafilarno666
THE PALAZZIO -Architecture

rvfoit15-Academiafilarno613 rvfoit15-Academiafilarno616 rvfoit15-Academiafilarno618 rvfoit15-Academiafilarno622 rvfoit15-Academiafilarno71 rvfoit15-Academiafilarno72 rvfoit15-Academiafilarno74
rvfoit15-Academiafilarno626 rvfoit15-Academiafilarno84 rvfoit15-Academiafilarno08 rvfoit15-Academiafilarno628 rvfoit15-Academiafilarno643 rvfoit15-Academiafilarno647 rvfoit15-Academiafilarno85 rvfoit15-Academiafilarno87
rvfoit15-Academiafilarno638 rvfoit15-Academiafilarno12 rvfoit15-Academiafilarno06

Many thanks to my guess for inviting me to present my work and sponsering this event.rvfoit15-Academiafilarno657

RVrlogo2original linoleum cut > linogravure originale > linóleo grabado original > incisione originale > Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2008

Incontro con gli studenti di Grafica dell’Istituto “Leardi” Aula Magna

 Tematica: ” LA PROFESSIONE D’INCISORE E IL RAPPORTO CON LE TESTATE GIORNALISTICHE ” incisore e vignettista Raymond Verdaguer – Sabato 30 maggio, 2015 

“The engraver profession in relation with the journalistic dilemma ” – Lecture at Grafica dell’Istituto “Leardi” Aula Magna, Casale Montferatto, Italy. [ graphic institute of Leardi]. Saturday May 30, 2015.
rvfoit15-lectureistituto-IN rvfoit15-lectureistituto-11 rvfoit15-lectureistituto-18 rvfoit15-lectureistituto-4 rvfoit15-lectureistituto-6 rvfoit15-lectureistituto-5 rvfoit15-lectureistituto-14 rvfoit15-lectureistituto-10 rvfoit15-lectureistituto-17 rvfoit15-lectureistituto-1 rvfoit15-lectureistituto-20 rvfoit15-lectureistituto-9 rvfoit15-lectureistituto-2 rvfoit15-lectureistituto-7 rvfoit15-lectureistituto-16 rvfoit15-lectureistituto-15 rvfoit15-lectureistituto-8 rvfoit15-lectureistituto-3

Samples from my lecture projection. A visual presentation on the theme of war based on commissionned linoleum cuts by different publications such as: the New York Times, Harper’s Magazine and universities presses in USA, France and Germany. Talk includes how I progress during my assignments from start to finish. Many of this original pieces where presented and exhibited in 2013 at L’Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts de Paris, as part of my donation to the collection of the  School of fine arts of Paris. This collection is rated the second in France.
rvfoit15-lectureistituto-0brvfoit15-lectureistituto-22rvfoit15-lectureistituto-38Students and faculty attending my lecture at the  Grafica dell’Istituto “Leardi” Aula Magna.


rvfoit15-lectureistituto-24 rvfoit15-lectureistituto-25 rvfoit15-lectureistituto-37 rvfoit15-lectureistituto-31 rvfoit15-lectureistituto-35 rvfoit15-lectureistituto-36 rvfoit15-lectureistituto-30 rvfoit15-lectureistituto-32 rvfoit15-lectureistituto-28


La scelta di invitare a Casale Raymond Verdaguer è dettata dall’attualità degli eventi che hanno portato al centro della cronaca internazionale le “vignette”. Si ritiene interessante esaminare questa professione, strettamente legata alla comunicazione, attraverso il confronto diretto con un grande professionista del settore, un vignettista-incisore . La professionalità di Verdaguer si è espressa tramite i più noti giornali del Mondo dal New York Times, a “Le Monde”, International Herald Tribune, Liberation, El Mundo, Le Magazine Littéraire ecc. e, attraverso numerose pubblicazioni.

RVrlogo2original linoleum cut > linogravure originale > linóleo grabado original > incisione originale > Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2015