Jan 112015
2015 ~> trajectoire ~> trajectory  ~> traiettoria ~> trayectoria ~>

    Le fait est, j’ai déjà inscrit le premier janvier sur cette meme page mes voeux. Dix jours après, à la lumière de à la réalité de ce que nous sommes en train de vivre il n’y a plus lieu avoir un coeur joyeux. La route qui nous aurions voulu vierge c’est bien entachée! A peine le Champagne fut versé, s’en est suivit le sang […]

Dec 252014
"Crowned hill" - woodcut

Working large size woodcut     Large size ‘Woodcut‘  is an approch of cutting involving as much the body than the mind, and it may not be possible to create it in one day alone. Also, printing becomes more challenging when the wooden carved panel is longer than the bed of your press! The choice […]

Nov 092014
"Narrows blade" - woodcut workshop

 For  beginners Learning cutting on wood to create an image and printing it Two days bilingual French/English workshop Saturday November 8 – Sunday November 9, 2014   ‘Woodcut‘  is just the English name use to ‘label’ the technique we are trying to master, the French use the word “gravure” [ engraving], the Italians the name “ incision ” [ […]

Sep 152014
"visite d'atelier" - interview

  Une visite d’atelier des deux realisateurs français Thomas Deshays et Benoit Tanguy. Propos sur mon sentiments de la condition des ‘arts’ et des ‘createurs’ dans le contexte newyorkais et au dela… Fonctions, participations, engagements  et responsabilites de ceux qui se definisent en tant qu’artistes? Dans le cadre d’un tournage documentaire sur des artistes travaillant […]

Sep 122014
" pitture, incisioni e rabatoni "- emozioni, adozioni e famiglia

Estate 2014 in stile di vita – pitture, incisioni, mostre, laboratori e interviste. Casaleggio Boiro e Museo Etnografico di Alessandria, Italia. Summer 2014 as a style of live – paintings, engravings, exhibitions, workshops and interviews.   This presentation covers all my artistic activities I was able to perform or to be part of during my 2 months […]

Sep 082014
" Verdaguer ha immortalato tutti" - intervista

♦  ♦ ” Un pittore internazionale – Per due mesi nel centro dell’Ovades “ di lella per el periodico Anteprima Notizie, Italia, settembre 2014. ” Una presenza – afferma il Sindaco Danielo Repetto – che ha movimentato un po la nostra estate. Ci voleva speriamo che anche nel 2015 sia encora presso di noi.” ♦ ” Verdaguer has […]

Sep 072014
“Aperto per arte ” - Musica e incisione laboratorio

♦ ♦ “APERTO PER ARTE, partecipanti al laboratorio  “ a cura di Cheryl Growdn Piana, clarinettista, Iowa, USA, Fiorenza Bucciarelli, pianista, professore al conservatorio di Alessandria, Italia, Raymond Verdaguer, artista e incisore, New York, USA. 6-7 settembre 2014 .   ” OPEN TO ARTS, participants of the workshop  “ curated by Cheryl Growdn Piana, clarinetist, Iowa, USA,  Fiorenza Bucciarelli, pianista, professor […]

Sep 062014
"Incisione rivegliato per la Stampa" -

♦ LA STAMPA : sabato 6 settembre 2014. ‘Un paese “risvegliato” dall’ospite americano’ di Daniele Prato ♦ LA STAMPA [newspaper Italy] :  Saturday September 6, 2014. “‘A country “awakened” by an American guest”.  ♦ Per saperne di più – Read more – Lire – y ademas… ♦ ◊Drawings linoleum cuts, photographs and texts © copyright Raymond […]

Sep 052014
"Piccolo scrittura nella il Piccolo"

♦ IL PICCOLO : venerdi 5 settembre 2014. “Tradizione e cultura poplare riviste da Raymond Verdaguer” Mostra nel Museo ‘C’era una volta’ di piazza della Gambarina ♦ IL PICCOLO [newspaper  of Alessandria Italy] :  Friday September 5, 2014. ” Tradition & culture reviewed by Raymond Verdaguer “. Exhibtion in the Museum  ‘Once upon a time’ of […]

Sep 052014
"Mostra a Mornese " - invito

  ” MOSTRA a MORNESE  ” Sabato 7, domenica 8 settembre 2014, ora 17:30.  Scuola di Mornese, Piazza Doria, Mornese, Italia. Esposizione di dipinti su carta di riso dell’artista Raymond Verdaguer Catalano di nascita e residente a New York.    ” EXHIBITION in MORNESE” September 7 – 8, 2014, at 5:30 pm A exhibition of paintings […]

Sep 032014
"Aperto per arte " - invito

Domenica 7 settembre 2014, dalla 10,30 – Sunday September 7, 2014, 10:30 am – Casaleggio Boiro, [AL], Italia   “APERTO PER ARTE  – Prova aperta di MUSICA E INCISIONE” “OPEN FOR ART – Open rehearsal of MUSIC & ENGRAVING”   a cura di – curated by Cheryl Growdn Piana, clarinettista, Iowa, USA. Fiorenza Bucciarelli, pianista, […]

Sep 022014
"Offerta Musicale e grafica" - invito

  Domenica 7 settembre 2014, ore 18  Sunday September 7, 2014, 6pm   Piazza Gambarina, Alessandria, Italia. Museo Etnografico – Ethnographic Museum   C’era una volta – Ones upon a time  OFFERTA MUSICALE E GRAFICA con i partcipanti al laboratorio APERTO PER ARTE  MUSICAL & GRAPHIC OFFER  with the participants of the workshop OPEN TO ARTS    a cura […]

Sep 012014
"Natura e Arte Sacra " - mostra

♦ ♦ ” NATURA E ARTE SACRA NELLA TRADIZIONE POPOLARE  “ MOSTRA – INSTALLAZIONE Museo Etnografico “C’era una volta” Piazza Gambarina, Alessandria, Italia Dal 1 al 30 settembre 2014 – September 1 -30, 2014 ” NATURE & SACRAL ART IN THE POPULAR TRADITION” EXHIBITION -INSTALLATION       Windows to the Past The ethnographic museum “Once […]

Aug 312014
"Ultimo miglio" - mostra

♦ ♦ MOSTRA Domenica 31 Agosto 2014, dalle ore 10:00,  Palazzo Comunale, via Roma 18, Casaleggio Boiro. ” ULTIMO MIGLIO – TRA NATURA E UOMINI “ .”Esposizione dipinti su carta di riso, visione di Casaleggio “   EXHIBITION Saturday August 31, 2014, from 10:00am. At the Palazzo Communale, Casalleggio Boiro, Italy. ” THE LAST MILE “.- Between […]

Aug 302014
La Stampa stampa le mie stampe

♦  ♦ LA STAMPA, sabato 30 agosto 2014. “Dal New York Times ai boschi di Casaleggio. in paese la mostra del grande vignettista americano Verdaguer”. di Daniele Prato 30/08/2014 Il vignettista del New York Times ritrova nuova ispirazione tra i boschi di Casaleggio Boiro È in paese ospite di amici: domani la sua mostra di disegni e […]

Aug 292014
intervista del giornale La Stampa

♦  un’intervista del giornalista Daniele Prato. Domanda: “perché lasciare New York per la scelta e la vernice in un antico borgo in Piemonte?” Risposta che sarà pubblicato domani, 30 agosto 2014. ♦ an interview by Daniele Prato journalist at LA STAMPA news paper. Question:: “why leaving New York to choice and paint in an ancient village in Piedmont? “.  Answer to […]

Aug 282014
"Natura e Arte Sacra " - invito alla mostra

♦ ♦ Dal 1 al 30 settembre 2014 Museo Etnografico “c’era una volta” Piazza Gambarina, Alessandria, Italia In questa occasione verrà presentata la mostra ” NATURA E ARTE SACRA NELLA TRADIZIONE POPOLARE  “ .“Saranno esposti alcuni disegni su carta di riso dell’artista Raymond Verdaguer Catalano di nascita e residente a New York. “ ♦ September […]

Aug 232014
"Ultimo miglio" - invito alla mostra

♦ Domenica 31 Agosto 2014, dalle ore 10:00,  Palazzo Comunale, via Roma 18, Casaleggio Boiro. In questa occasione verrà presentata l’anteprima della mostra ” ULTIMO MIGLIO – TRA NATURA E UOMINI “ .“Saranno esposti alcuni disegni su carta di riso dell’artista Raymond Verdaguer Catalano di nascita e residente a New York. La sua visione di Casaleggio […]

Aug 192014
"procrastination" - commissioned linocuts - University of Notre Dame

to illustrate a series of stories to be published in N.D. Magazine, autumn 2014 ♦ “procrastination” By Andrew Santella On a road in fourth-century Armenia, the story goes, a Roman centurion met a talking crow. The officer had resolved to convert to Christianity, and now the crow had come to ask him not to do […]

Aug 172014
"Incidere e stampar" - linocut workshop

♦  learning cutting and printing linoleum: in one day for absolute beginners.  Sunday August 17, 2014. ♦ Incisione it has been said that ‘one must learn how to walk before being able to run’, it is somehow ‘moralistically’ silly in some way, but still it is important considering lino or woodcut that one must start […]

Aug 092014
"Emozioni d'artista"- mostra

♦   Sabato 9 Agosto 2014, alle ore !8:00, alla Chiesa del Castello. In questa occasione verrà presentata l’anteprima della mostre: “Emozione d’artista – un’estate a Casaleggio Boiro”. “Saranno esposti alcuni disegni su carta di riso dell’artista Raymond Verdaguer, Catalano di nascita e residente a New York. La sua visione di Casaleggio è rappesentata da disegni […]

Jun 062014
Mike Kobal's eye - videographer views printmaker

♦ Austrian photographer Mike Kobal comes for a studio visit, not an usual one, he brings up all his video equipment assisted by Darima. Once I was trying to finish a drawing by the East River, [better say, racing against the end of the last drop of day light]. Out of the blue someone rushed in […]

Jun 032014
"Amidou & Toya" - French Heritage Language Program inherits my artwork

♦ Donation of my artwork to support a Musical produced by French Heritage Language Program, FACE (French American Cultural Exchange) ♦ The Musical was performed at the Lycée Français New York, Mai 31. 2014,  as part of the Color My French benefit event to support the French Heritage Language Program (FHLP). Postcards, stickers, posters and t-shirts, derived […]

May 172014
"Amidou & Toya" - commissioned linocut - French Heritage Language Program

♦ Creation of a poster and a T-shirt design for “Amidou & Toya “, an original musical telling the story of young Francophone immigrants who recently arrived in the United States and have to deal with the challenges of youth, love and integration.”  ♦ ♦  ♦ Creating the original linoleum prints: drawing, cutting and printing […]

Feb 152014
"Le Bizutage tue " -  2nd publication linocut Courrier International Paris

 ∞ “Le bizutage tue – les corps parfois, l’esprit toujours”, by José Pacheco Pereir, Publico, Portugal, publication  Courrier International, numero 1214, le 6 février 2014, Paris. “Hazing kills – the body sometimes, the mind always” José Pacheco Pereir, Publico, Portugal, published in Paris by Courrier International, # 1214, February 6, 2014  ∞ Une réédition de […]

Feb 032014
" Zoé vogue sur son 4",  linogravure - "Zoé sails on her 4 ", linoleum cut

Carte d’anniversaire. Arrive le numero 4  – cap sur la découverte! Entre autres choses, loin de m’étre distingué  pour m’exprime sur le thème de la jeunesse dans mon travail, j’ai, néanmoins, eu plaisir à esquisser des enfants jouant dans divers parcs. Plus encore, bien sûr, à saissir leur intéraction entre un eu et avec les […]

Jan 312014
"...F. is turning 50 ", linoleum cut - " les 50 rattrapent F. " Linogravure.

Carte d’anniversaire, 50 ans qui sonnent! la technologie moderne et la marche du temps Brithday card, turning 50 ! modern technology and running time.             ◊ Drawings linoleum cuts, photographs and texts © copyright Raymond Verdaguer, 2014.      

Jan 172014
" grande plongée",  linogravure - "the big plunge", linoleum cut

Carte d’anniversaire – avoir 18 ans ! Birthday card – turning 18! ♦ “grand plongée” –  jeune maître nageuse fête sa majorite “the big plunge” – young lifeguard swims good bye to “under aged” —♦♦♦— ◊ Drawings linoleum cuts, photographs and texts © copyright Raymond Verdaguer, 2014.      

Jan 152014
"...variations sur le theme 2014 ", 3 linogravures - "...variations on the theme of 2014 ", 3 linoleum cuts

Serie de cartes de nouvel an 2014. New Year cards 2014 series .  ∞ “inspiration” [ un bien grand mot], typo 2,0,1,4 sur le thème d’instruments de musiques. inspiration” [ somehow a pretencious name], type 2,0,1,4 0n the theme of musical instruments . “formation abstraite”, typo 2,0,1,4 crée à partir de neige glacée. “abstract formation” type 2,0,1,4 being […]

Jan 102014
"...challenges extrêmes", linogravure, nouvel an 2014  - "...extreme challenges", linoleum cut, 2014 new year's card

Cartes de nouvel an dédiée à mes amis et collégues qui ont repondu present en 2013. New Year card dedicated  to all my 2013 supporting friends and colleagues.  ∞ “Longtemps je me suis”… [pour reprendre Marcel]  interrogé sur la signification du « Nouvel An ». Etant enfant, chers mes parents, ce jour n’a jamais été […]

Dec 312013
Merry Christmas Card, linoleum cut - Carte de Noel, linogravure

 ∞ Joueux Noel – un sceau, jeu de typo, comme une marque de produit de consomation saisonnière:  Merry Christmas card – playing with type like a seal or seasonal brand logo for consumer products.  ∞ Creation de la linogravure: croquis,taille, et impression Creating the original linoleum prints: drawing, cutting and printing process ∞ ◊ Drawings […]

Dec 182013
" The Devil's Bait " - one linocut - Harper's publication, New York.

 ∞ essay “The Devil’s Bait”. They just received my copy of the published work in December 2013. Interestingly, the current season of bundling up, the wearing of the fake fur around the face while the snow and ice are sticking to them, seems to call forth such an image. In other words, the freezing season […]

Nov 262013
" Murder Revisited " - none published linocut - The Los Angeles Times.

 ∞  The Los Angeles Times, Sunday November 24, 2013    reopening of an investigation into the 24-years-old murder of Aleta Browne ” – a none published  created linoleum cut version, Paris 2013.  ∞ ” Their affair began on a Spring day in 1985 when they checked into a Holiday Inn. She left her husband a […]

Nov 012013
Update on Harper's Magazine, published linocuts, April 2012, New York.

♦ An update on Alice Munro recently awarded Nobel Prize in Literature 2013  ♦ Maintaining a blog come amount other things consider with its oddness. Sure, one could say, what else could it be expected if you art works ‘ links’ to daily events and various phenomena. True, but I wish it could be so […]

Oct 312013
" Raymond Verdaguer: Le silence du graveur " - Cercle Suffren, Paris.

♦ Suffren 32 : “Raymond  Verdaguer : Le Silence du graveur ” par Pierre Baqué, Paris  30/03/2013. CR de la réunion du 26/03/2013 au Cercle Suffren. Suffren 32: “Raymond Verdaguer: The Silence of the engraver” by Pierre Baqué, Paris, 03/30/2013. Report of the meeting 03/26/2013, Circle Suffren. .♦ A chacun de transformer ses blessures en […]

Sep 052013
“La peur de l’insignifiance” – publication de linogravure / published linoleum cut – Psychologies Magazine, Paris.

♦ “La peur de l’insignifiance”, un livre de Carlo Strenger, critique de Elsa Godar – une linogravure, commande de “Psychologies Magazine”, Paris, septembre 2013. “The fear of insignificance”  by Carlo Strenger, book review critic by Elsa Godart. – a linocut/illustration commissioned by “Psychologies Magazine”, Paris, September 2013 ♦ “Dans un monde où l’image est essentielle, […]

Jul 202013
" A view at the end of life " - Commissioned linoleum cut – Queen's University, Canada.

♦ illustration for the Queen’s University, Kingston,Ontario, Canada: ” A view at the end of life ” by Martin West to be publish in the Alumni Review, Summer 2013 . ” Watching the slow, inevitable decline in the health of an aging parent is never easy… as a society we need to rethink how we view […]

Jul 142013
" The Devil's Bait " one linocut commission - Harper's New York

♦ illustration for the Harper’s Magazine, New York : ” The Devil’s Bait” by Leslie Jamison to be publish in the September  2013 issue. ” For me, Morgellons Disease started as a novelty: people said they had a strange disease, and no one—or hardly anyone—believed them. But there were a lot of them, almost twelve thousand, and […]

May 072013
" In a Dusty West African Town, a Dollar and a Meal " - published linoleum cut - The Sunday New York Times

♦ illustration for the Travel Section, personal journeys, Angola ” In a Dusty West African Town, a Dollar and a Meal ” by Paul Theroux Sunday May 12 , 2013. ♦ ” Squeezing her rusty tongs again, the woman asked, “Qual?” (“Which one?”) Though I was hungry, I waved her away, retching at the thought of eating any […]

Apr 302013
"Penser avec les oreilles " - published inoleum cut - Le Monde Paris

♦ “Penser avec les oreilles : musique et philosophie ”  ‘To think with the ears: music and philosophy’ ” – illustration pour ‘Le Monde des Livres ‘ vendredi 3 mai, 2013 – par  François Noudelmann – [ book review section of Friday May 3rd , 2013] ♦ “Hanslick souhaitait une approche esthétique et non pathologique […]

Apr 182013
" Warsaw Ghetto Uprising " - published linocut - The New York Times

♦ illustration for the Opinion page “The Jewish Hero History Forgot” By Marci Shore , April 19 , 2013.   “The only way out was the sewers,” as Edelman testified at Stroop’s 1951 trial. Edelman had led the last surviving ghetto fighters to freedom through water that reeked of feces and methane. They were trapped underground […]

Apr 132013
 “Living with Two Languages"-published linocut - French Embassy New York

♦ Poster commissioned by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York for the Saturday November 3rd 2012 conference – canceled then because of the historical storm that flowed the East Coast, the conference was postpone to April 13th 2013. ♦ “Living with Two Languages: The Advantages of Being Bilingual “ “The Conference will […]

Apr 102013
“correspondence courses” - Commissioned linocut – Queen's University

Spring publication 2013 of the Queen’s University Alumni Review, Ontario, Canada ♦ Getting a diploma from Queen’s ?  it’s all bolts and nuts ! “Online learning comes of age“ by Alex Ross ”  Queen’s,  for many years a world leader in “correspondence courses,” is now blazing new trails in the fast-growing world of online degree programing “ […]

Mar 162013
Exposition de linogravures - exhibition of linocuts - Médiathèque des Beaux-arts de Paris l'école nationale supérieure

♦ invitation à l’ exposition  ENSBA  exhibition invitation ∞   presentée sur des frises de 2 mètres une sélections de la donation de mes linogravures  salle Sratis Andreadis, 18 mars – 5 avril 2013 lundi de 14h-19h, du mardi au vendredi 11h-19h   presented on panels of 2 meters  a selection from the donation of my original artist proofs linocuts prints  Sratis […]

Feb 232013
Conférence - lecture - invitation, Médiathèque des Beaux-arts de Paris l'école nationale supérieure

♦ Rencontre / Raymond Verdaguer/  ENSBA  à l’invitation de Michel Salsmann ∞ GRAVER EN URGENCE DANS LA GRANDE POMME Le défi d’honorer la tradition de l’estampe au Nouveau Monde de l’éphémère Conférence: le jeudi 21 mars 2013 à 15h   ∞ Engraving in emergency in the Big Apple The challenge of honoring printmaking tradition in an ephemeral New World  […]

Feb 152013
"it's all in the BAG in B.C." - exhibition

 earlier 1979 portrait-poster exhibited in Canada ♦ “The B.A.G.  [Burnaby Art Gallery] is pleased to present The Artist Poster Show, an exhibition exploring the didactic evolution of artist exhibition posters. Drawn primarily from the Burnaby Art Gallery’s permanent collection, the showcase spotlights the artist’s ability to communicate time, place, symbolism or space though an exhibition poster.” […]

Feb 132013
Commissioned linoleum cuts - University of Notre Dame

 to illustrate a series of stories to be published in N.D. Magazine spring, 2013 ♦ “Hawk and squirrel and God and them” By Mark Phillips   “Before its prey vanished into a tunnel in the snow, the hawk peeled abruptly upward and released what seemed to me a cry of pure being, Sheeeeare!But what did the hawk […]

Jan 012013
"The Emancipation of Abe Lincoln" - published linocut - The New York Times.

♦ illustration for the Opinion page By Eric Foner, January 1st , 2013 issue:   “His annual message to Congress, on December 1, 1862, devoted a long passage to promoting gradual,compensated emancipation and colonization.  Lincoln indicated, however, that a new approach was becoming imperative:  “The dogmas of the quiet past, are inadequate to the stormy present….  We must disenthrall our […]

Dec 252012
" hello from the lonely Canal Saint Martin " - lineloum cut

….to the ones who their only home is looking at stagnating water . ♦ THE OTHER SISE OF PARIS  Canals are cruised by tourists boats on the day time, when come the evening a Red Cross team wearing bright orange outfits and carrying large bags are ‘walking’ the sides of the Canals looking to help […]

Nov 172012
” Bénin - Une démocratie qui part en vrille “ - published linoleum cut – Courrier International # 1150, Paris.

One illustration/linoleum cut  – second publication , November 15th 2012,Paris. First publication, commissioned by Prospect Magazine, July 2008, London. ♦ ♦ ” BÉNIN Une démocratie qui part en vrille” [BENIN A democracy  hand spin] by Francis Kpatinde ” Ce pays d’Afrique de l’Ouest est l’un des rares régimes exemplaires du continent. Mais, depuis six mois, le pays vit au rythme des accusations de […]

Nov 072012
" Paris Riot "- second publication linocut

 “Predicting the Behavior of Civil Unrest: Social Instability Meets Science”  First publication to illustrate  ” Be French or Die Trying “- The New York Times , Op-Ed page, November 9, 2005  ♦ ”  … from nonviolent protest movements in Tunisia and Egypt that toppled long-established authoritarian regimes, to a protest movement that evolved to a full-blown […]

Nov 012012
"Sandy" - one more female name for one more hurricane ... linoleum cut

….very soon all the female names will be exhausted to label ‘natural ‘ catastrophies, and like for her Queen Magesty we will have to add a number … ♦ Inundacion : flooding in Spanish, linoleum cut from  a series of 12 linoleum cuts relating to global warming; published by Claves de Razon Practica, a cultural magazine […]

Oct 112012
" tsunami "- second publication linocut by GlobKult Magazin

  Presented as “Auf halbem Weg “, which stands for “On half way” – [ means the Euro crisis] in German. Published here as an opinion linoleum cut my work made its first presentation as “Tsunami “- The New York Times – Op-Ed – Dec. 28, 2008. A commission to illustrate a 1908 ’tsunami’ event Italy. In this second […]

Oct 022012
" Examen des fictions vitales " - published linoleum cut - Le Monde Paris

♦ One illustration for Le Monde des Livres – publication October 5th 2012, Paris. ♦   ” Le sujet des fictions” [Subject on fictions] by Donatien Grau  ” Il faut se confronter à une réalité terrifiante : notre perception du monde est une fiction. Notre mémoire n’est pas stable, mais dynamique : elle se construit, s’invente, en permanence, et, quand nous nous […]

Oct 012012
” Letter from Michigan ” – published linocuts – Harper’s Magazine New York

♦ 2 published illustrations  for ” The ACME Corporation  – A town fights back against a big-box coup” by Alec MacGillis  – Harper’s October 2012 issue, New York. ♦   “ Some time ago, this field caught the attention of Meijer Incorporated, a big-box grocery and discount retail chain. Meijer already had one large store on the western […]

Sep 062012
"Living with Two Languages: The Advantages of Being Bilingual " - French Embassy in New York

Poster commissioned by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York Coming conference: Saturday, November 3rd 2012. 10.00 AM – 4:00 PM  Lycée Français de New York,  505 East 75th Street, New York NY 10021  Live Broadcast on living-with-two-languages ♦   “The Conference will discuss and explore, via multiple fields and perspectives, the concept of “vivre […]

Aug 132012
Interview - French Television News CBC Radio-Canada

  journalist Stéfan Thériault visits my studio  – filming the printing process of a linoleum cut created for Harper’s magazine – presentation of original assigned art works with their actual editorial or book publications. ♦   Even so it is an evidence that English speaking language has become the ‘A’ international communication language I am always […]

Aug 112012
" United Citizens against Citizens United " - linocuts commission by Harper's, New York

 two illustrations for “The ACME Corporation, United Citizens against Citizens United ” – a report by  Alec MacGillis  – publication October 2012, New York. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… when I first read this assignment article I though it was a some kind of fictional story, nothing more then an hypothetical made up case, something one could make a movie from […]

Jun 152012
30 eme marché de la poésie, Paris

 -♦♦♦- 30 th poetry market, place Saint-Sulpice, Paris 6e, June 14-17, 2012.  Over 500 poetry books and revues publishers are introducing to the public an all range of authors’ works, from simple book production to unique’ livre d’artist’. Christiane Tricoit publisher and director of the literary and artistic revue Passage d’encre ,who has introduced my work several times, was […]

May 202012
Comic-Con Exhibition San Diego, California - one orginal linocut

Four colors linoleum cut for the 20th Anniversary at this year’s Comic-Con held in San Diego, July 12—15. Mark Murphy owner of Murphy Design in San Diego, California, has invited me ” to create an original piece of artwork based on a Cartoon Network character and interpreted in my own style and artistic voice [of] […]

Apr 152012
"Tax Break "- published linocut - The New York Times

—♦♦♦— illustrating six poems in the Sunday Review: “tax time no accounting for poetry” The image concept was created keeping in mind being able to work with [ or around] an already existing text layout to be later displayed into the double page of the paper…so image and texts would be come as a ‘one’ […]

Apr 142012
"culture G ", published linocuts - Le Monde

What to do with culture ‘G”? A silent but efficient tool of discrimination within French national  education system. Two  linoleum cuts to illustrate this issue published in Le Monde‘s weekend edition, Paris, April 14 th, 2012. Keeping or getting ride of “culture G ‘?  A short cut for ‘ general culture’, a sentence that does not have much […]

Apr 132012
"Drug Test"- second publication linocut by GlobKult Magazin

—♦♦♦— Presented as ” Zitat”, which stands for “quote” in German. Published here as an opinion linoleum cut my work made its first presentation in Columbia Journalism Review, New York,  November/December 2005. A commission to illustrate in issue on vaccine under the title “Drug Test: Is a vaccine preservative linked to an autism? Politically, scientifically, and […]

Apr 042012
on acute struggles

—♦♦♦— How I have responded to commissioned sensitive issues. —♦♦♦— I don’t want to be so arrogant and pretend that my ‘speciality ‘ has become to respond to the visualization of the human struggle but I having being ‘label’ for being ‘So dark’, I believe it is Johnny Cash that was called ” the man […]

Feb 022012
“Aller au travail“- 2nd publication linocut by Courrier International, Paris.

—♦♦♦— “Aller au travail, c’est mortel !” [ Going to work is deadly ! ] Republished here to illustrate a true story, my linoleum cut made its first publication for a short story, 5 years ago, under the title of “Freight Trains” – commissioned by Harper’s Magazine, New York,issue January 2007. ” Everyday, because of lack […]

Dec 202011
“Refoulées“- 2nd publication linocut by Courrier International, Paris.

—♦♦♦— “Refoulées vers les sables” [ Banished to the sands] Republished here to illustrate a true story, my linoleum cut made its first publication, under the title of “World Hunger” or “Let Them Eat Cash: Can Bill Gates turn hunger into profit?” — commissioned by Harper’s Magazine, June 2009. ” Sub Saharan migrants, and specifically  young mother […]

Oct 212010
Lecture invitation - " Arguing Trail "

I will elaborate on how my artwork has stubble into the sensitive topic of ‘ politics’ – Monday, October 25, 2010 – 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. – Commons Room (L-2028) main floor – The Queen Elizabeth II library – Memorial University of Newfoundland – St. John’s, NL, Canada […]

Oct 202010
Exhibition - The Bob Prittie Library at Metrotown

Reviewing my own work miles away from my studio and its primary intended public exposure – A collection of my original linoleum cuts commissions from The New York Times is presented until October 24th – an even organized since August 30, by the Burnaby Art Gallery in British Columbia, Canada. This exhibition is also being held, at the same time, at a second location as well at the McGill Library […]

Oct 192010
Exhibition - McGill Library

A collection of my original linoleum cuts commissions from The New York Times is presented until October 24th – an even organized since August 30, by the Burnaby Art Gallery in British Columbia, Canada. This exhibition is also being held, at the same time, at a second location as well at The Bob Prittie Metrotown Library […]

Aug 312010
"The New York Times Commissions": an exhibition

at the Bob Prittie Metrown Library and Mc Gill Library, August 30-October24, Organized and presented by the burnaby Art Gallery in British Columbia, Canada[…]

Mar 182010
"Gravure à Vivre" a French lecture on engraving

Thursday March 18th 2010 I have been invited to give a lecture at l’Association Culturelle Francophone in New York. The presentation took place at l’ Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie headquarter located 801 second Avenue. Here is some excerpts in English. Because of the nature the program as well as the hosting organizations this lecture was given in French only […]

Feb 092010
" Under Pressure " a visiting artist lecture

A lecture given at Western Connecticut State University as part of it Master of Fine Arts Visual Arts Program.”Under Pressure” encompasses several meanings, is summering my art work execution and the work environment that commissions it as well. More broadly, in its manifestations life comes and goes with pressure….transformation, good or bad accrues from pressure.
My presentation aim to demonstrate how I have utilized the relief printing technique to create graphic images as a responds to news evens and writers’ opinions. This includes numerous visual examples such as some of my linoleum cuts assignments created for the Op-Ed section of The New York Times . The talk was followed by a critic of art student’s work […]

Feb 052010
les nations obscures [the darker nations]

“Une histoire populaire du tiers monde”- a popular history of the third world.
This book cover was selected by the 2009 jury of Annual Exhibition 52, Society of Illustrators, Museum of Illustration; Original art work [linoleum cut] will be exhibited: January 27- February 20, 2010, New York. […]