Printing Day Like Laundry Day

 Printing in Progress (technicaly called proofing)rvwcnyc16mb-printday28 rvwcnyc16mb-printday29 rvwcnyc16mb-printday30 rvwcnyc16mb-printday31 rvwcnyc16mb-printday32 rvwcnyc16mb-printday35 rvwcnyc16mb-printday36 rvwcnyc16mb-printday37 rvwcnyc16mb-printday38 rvwcnyc16mb-printday39 rvwcnyc16mb-printday40 rvwcnyc16mb-printday41 rvwcnyc16wb-printday43 rvwcnyc16wb-printday44 rvwcnyc16wb-printday45 rvwcnyc16wb-printday47 rvwcnyc16wb-printday48 rvwcnyc16wb-printday49 rvwcnyc16wb-printday51 rvwcnyc16wb-printday52 rvwcnyc16wb-printday53 rvwcnyc16wb-printday54 rvwcnyc16wb-printday55 rvwcnyc16wb-printday56 rvwcnyc16wb-printday58 rvwcnyc16wb-printday59 rvwcnyc16wb-printday61 rvwcnyc16wb-printday62 rvwcnyc16wb-printday65 rvwcnyc16wb-printday66 rvwcnyc16wb-printday67 rvwcnyc16wb-printday68 rvwcnyc16wb-printday69 rvwcnyc16wb-printday70 rvwcnyc16wb-rollincurve“Translating” or transfering my New York City outdoor and on site engraved blocks of bridges inspiration into “printed” images on paper. 

I associate it very much to a hand laundry day, because it is physically a hard work to test over 50 blocks pieces at once. More so the paper is drying on a line. There is no such thing as short cuts as far as printing is concern, it remains a ‘messy’ process.

At the end of a long working day, when you are dropping with energy, comes the revengeful cleaning of the tools and material as a due for “playing”.  I have not met a printmaker that enjoy the anoying but necessary last phase … if you let you ink dry it would become a major disaster .

Printing is not a “disposable” process. And nothing will be completed before you have visit your washing sink and …your bathtub. This is the reason why I associate printing as doing laundry!


original[e] linocut ▫ woodcut ▫ gravure sur bois ▫ linogravure ▫ grabado ▫ incisione ▫ Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2016

Art Donation To A New York’ s School

Auction Fundraising Spring Party To Benefit The Earth School  Silent & Live Auction.  Saturday, May 7, 2016 ( 6pm -10 pm) at St. Nicolas Church, 157 Ave A  ( corner of 10th st) New York, NY – Ticket:  $25 Advance / $30 Door .

rvwcnyc16wb-BWbridges rvwcnyc16mb-printday42

I  engraved this wood board, randering of the Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridges son site ( oddly enough behind  metal mesh fence). Located on the walking platform on top of the Williamsburgs Bridge. Later on printed on my studio.

original linoleum cut > linogravure originale > linóleo grabado original > incisione originale > Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2016

May Day – In Memory of My Father

I have many memorable stories of May Days while growing as a kid in Europe. It is a day still celebrated all over the world, except in The States and in Canada. Oddly enough its origin are relate to a tragic event that precisely took place in The States. As a consequence was established the right to work 8 hours a day, instead of an unlimited amount … I felt it was appropriate to present a detail of one of my linocut to honor my father, a man who worked endlessly and hard during his life time – so I could have the privilege of creating ‘images’ …

This picture is detail from of a series of 8 linocuts illustrations commissioned & published Nov. 2008 by Harper’s Magazine. New York > Untitled: “How To Save Capitalism” 

original linoleum cut > linogravure originale > linóleo grabado original > incisione originale > Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2014

Remembering Chernobyl 30 Years Ago


My Illustration On Nuclear Catastrophe As A Tribute. 

Commissioned  by The New York Times on the nuclear topic.  Published almost 10 Years Ago, Wednesday, August 3, 2005, in the Op-Ed page.

 Ricky Businesses – Nuclear Hubris in Idaho  By William Broyles Jr. ” Wilson, Wyo. – WHEN Al Reinert and I wrote the line, “Failure is not an option,” for the movie “Apollo 13,” we intended it to represent the essence of America’s can-do spirit. That spirit put men on the moon, perhaps the most extraordinary collective accomplishment in human history. Then came the Challenger disaster, a reminder that not every problem can be solved; that it’s not what you expect to fail that most often causes disasters, but what you expect not to fail. ” more to read

William Broyles Jr. is a former editor in chief of Newsweek and Texas Monthly.

*Linocut illustration commissioned by New York Times’ Op-Ed Art Director Brian Rea

original linoleum cut > linogravure originale > linóleo grabado original > incisione originale > Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2014

Earth Day 10 years ago – Published Linocut

 Commissioned By The New York Times, Op-Ed page, on Earth Day  April 20, 2006.

“Not Out of The Wood Yet” By Don Melnick and Mary Pearl.

” The people most vulnerable to the disappearance of forests are the poor: nearly three-quarters of the 1.2 billion people defined as extremely poor live in rural areas, where they rely most directly on forests for food, fuel, fiber and building materials. But those of us in the developed world are hardly immune. Smaller forests mean fewer predators keeping insects and rodents in check in the Northeastern United States, a phenomenon linked to the spread of Lyme disease and West Nile virus, among others.

Everywhere, forests prevent erosion, filter and regulate the flow of fresh water, protect coral reefs and fisheries and harbor animals that pollinate, control pests and buffer disease. That is why the single most important action we can take to protect lives and livelihoods worldwide is to protect forests. And one of the best ways to do that is to change how we think about their economics. Sustainable forests, in turn, can form the basis for the health and economic well-being of the poorest among us, while benefiting everyone else as well. What could be a more satisfying vision for Earth Day 2006? ” more to read

Don Melnick is a professor of conservation biology at Columbia University. Mary Pearl is president of Wildlife Trust. [ “Presently Mary Pearl, an internationally known and respected conservationist, is Dean and Vice President of Stony Brook Southampton. For the previous 15 years, she was President of Wildlife Trust.”]

“Not Out of the Woods Yet” linoleum cut, 2nd publication: Le Courrier International magazine  (No 992)November 2009, Paris. Titled “Alerte au trafic d’ebene et de palissandre”

original linoleum cut > linogravure originale > linóleo grabado original > incisione originale > Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2014

Studio Visit – An Interview By Thomas Deshays


original[e] linocut ▫ woodcut ▫ gravure sur bois ▫ linogravure ▫ grabado ▫ incisione ▫ Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2016

One Bridge May Hide An Other

Life on Motion by the Manhattan Bridge, New York City ▫ All Images Engraved on Site With  my Raimonart ‘s Outdoor Transportable Studio Set Up .  rvwcnyc16mb-crankequilib rvwcnyc16mb-treetrunk rvwcnyc16mb-intergremamageimage

image image image image image image imagervfonyc16-giantfeetdiptychrvfonyc16-beforestorm2rvwcnyc16-eyesjobrvwcnyc16-dualchoicebrig

original[e] linocut ▫ woodcut ▫ gravure sur bois ▫ linogravure ▫ grabado ▫ incisione ▫ Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2016

The Civil Rights Reader – Georgia University Press


Commissioned Linocut Illustration Book Cover – Published, Athens, Georgia, Dec. 2008

 This book cover has been chosen by The Association of American University Presses’ 2009 Book, Jacket and Journal Show – ( in the Jacket and Cover Division.)

 Republished by Le Monde Dipomatique, Magazine, Paris Jan. 2008 ➢ Une radio indépendante, des milliers de bénévoles « Democracy now » donne sa voix à la gauche américaine.

▫ Monday, January 18, 2016  was a Federal Holiday,  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, – It felt appropriated to pullout “The Civil Rights Reader” book from my archive shelve.  Prior creating the illustration I submitted few pencil ideas sketches, they were presented to a school class.  Their choice convinced the published staff it was the right pick. Because it was a none traditional way how this topic was being portraited it was not so obvious to have it accepted.  But why wanting to be ‘slave’ of deja-vu imagery while wanting to express specificaly the theme of ‘freedom’… besides, my picture was inspired by documented historical facts.

RVrlogo2original[e] linocut ▫ woodcut ▫ gravure sur bois ▫ linogravure ▫ grabado ▫ incisione ▫ Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2016

2016 New Year Card – Linocut

rvlinonyc16-newyearcard05rvlinonyc16-newyearcard02 rvlinonyc16-newyearcard03

 Untraditional #6 ▫  Traditional Times ▫  Westerner or Asian cycles momentum ▫ Linoleum Cut ▫ (for) Set in Stone Version View Maya Calendar…

 Every year my father who use to baking my birthday cake came with the same tradional warning , “this time would be the last!” Likewise, I have been mimicking him,  the main difference remains on the fact that my ‘product’ is not digestible. I have consider making my cards out of chocolate, but all my buddies turned into stict diets … 

Non traditionel No 6 ▫ Moment Traditionel ▫ Cycles Occidental ou Asiatique  ▫ Linogravure ▫ (pour une) Representation sur Pierre Voir Calendrier Maya …

▫ Chaque année pour mon anniversaire , mon père qui faisait mon gâteau répétait la meme phrase, “cette fois-ci s’est la dernière !” A part  le fait que mon «produit» est indigestible, je ne fais que l’imiter . J’ai envisager de faire mes cartes en chocolat, mais tous mes copains font des régimes stict …

Non Tradizionale No. 6 ▫ Tradizionale Momento ▫ Cicli  Occidentale o Asiatica ▫ Incisione ▫ (per una) Rappresentazione di Pietra Vedi Calendario Maya …

▫ Ogni anno per il mio compleanno, mio padre che era la mia torta ripeteva la stessa frase, “questa volta è l’ultima!”. A parte il fatto che il mio “prodotto” è indigesto, io sono lo stesso. Considero sempre le mie carte di cioccolato, ma tutti i miei amici stanno facendo dieta rigorosa…

No Tradicionales  No. 6 ▫ Tradicionale Timpo ▫ Ciclos Occidental o Asiática ▫Grabado ▫ (por una) Representación de Piedra Ver Calendario Maya …

▫ Cada año para mi cumpleaños, mi padre cocinaba mi pastel repitiendo la misma frase, “esta es la última vez!”. Aparte del hecho de que mi “producto” no es digerible, yo soy el mismo. Siempre considero mi tarjetas de chocolate, pero todos mis amigos están haciendo dieta estricta

New York  ➢ January – janvier – gennaio – enero 2016

RVrlogo2original[e] linocut ▫ woodcut ▫ gravure sur bois ▫ linogravure ▫ grabado ▫ incisione ▫ Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2016

Survival Commute – Street-Engraving On The Williamsburg Br.

rvwbnyc16-WBsurvival00 rvwbnyc16-WBsurvival02 rvwbnyc16-WBsurvival03 rvwbnyc16-WBsurvival04 rvwbnyc16-WBsurvival05 rvwbnyc16-WBsurvival09 rvwbnyc16-WBsurvival10 rvwbnyc16-WBsurvival11 rvwbnyc16-WBsurvival13 rvwbnyc16-WBsurvival14 rvwbnyc16-WBsurvival15 rvwbnyc16-WBsurvival16 rvwbnyc16-WBsurvival19 rvwbnyc16-WBsurvival20 rvwbnyc16-WBsurvival21 rvwbnyc16-WBsurvival23 rvwbnyc16-WBsurvival25

 Life on Motion on the New York City’s Willamsburg Bridge ▫All Images Engraved on Site With Raimonart Outdoor Transportable Studio.  Seeing Throughout Fence Wire May Reveal Some Truth.

RVrlogo2original[e] linocut ▫ woodcut ▫ gravure sur bois ▫linogravure ▫ grabado ▫ incisione ▫ Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2016

Extreme Weather Hunting Us ▫ linocuts


#inundation #flood #inindation - linoleum cut - Claves de Razon Pratica

#inundation #flood #inindation - linoleum cut - Claves de Razon Pratica


#inundation #flood #inindation - linoleum cut - Claves de Razon Pratica

#inundation #flood #inindation - linoleum cut - Claves de Razon Pratica

#inundation #flood #inindation - linoleum cut - Claves de Razon Pratica

#inundation #flood #inindation - linoleum cut - Claves de Razon Pratica

#inundation #flood #inindation - linoleum cut - Claves de Razon Pratica

#inundation #flood #inindation - linoleum cut - Claves de Razon Pratica

#inundation #flood #inindation - linoleum cut - Claves de Razon Pratica

#inundation #flood #inindation - linoleum cut - Claves de Razon Pratica

 inundation ▫ flood ▫ inondation ▫ A visual on consequences created by extrema weather conditions. From my linocuts series published by the magazine CLAVES de Razon Pratica # 179, in Madrid, Spain, Feb. 2008.

Floodings are presently affecting various parts of the planet, they are coming by surprise and make difficult to survive from. while we are ending this 2015 year it only echos disasters that took place every year before… we are endlessly told it’s realated to our incapacity to tackle global warming …

On this issue, my goad is neither to sound like a broken record nor to moralize,  which would boild down ‘repeating’ others, [amomt them,  some more knowlegeable than I ] , but rather to visual it ! [ How could I say it to you differently?]

How does it  feel to be trapped and powerless to escape from a flooding situation? My hope lays on figuring out graphic visions that may trigger our desire for wanting to improve or change … providing we still have this capacity and chance to do it!

RVrlogo2original linocut, linogravure,  grabado original, incisione originale > Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2015